Mingde Reservoir

Miaoli County / Touwu Township
Established in 1960, Mingde Reservoir is located about 6kms from Miaoli Interchange, on the northern side of Touwu Town along the Laotianliao River and downstream of Mingde village, completed by a dam near Mingde Village to block off Laotianliao River, a tributary of Houlong River. The reservoir was originally named Houlong Reservoir with an area about 170 hectares. It is the primary water source for industrial and agricultural use and a tourist attraction of Miaoli.Mingde Re...

Yung-Ho Shan Reservoir

Miaoli County / Sanwan Township
Yung-Ho Shan Reservoir is located at south of the Yung-Ho Village, Miaoli County. Built in 1980 and sitting at an elevation of 89.5 meters, Yung-Ho Shan reservoir is the main source of water for Toufen and neighbouring townships. Over an area of 3 hectares, there is a ranch has a variety of poultry reared here such as chickens, ducks, and gooses. Visitors can catch the animals and give those to the ranch’s chef to cook. There are also BBQ area, campground and campfire s...

Shihtoushan (Lion’s Head Mountain)

Miaoli County / Sanwan Township
Shihtoushan (Lion’s Head Mountain) is a popular scared land for Buddhism. The mountain resembles of a reclining lion and that is how it got the name Lion’s Head from. The scenery is breathtaking and serene it was one of the twelve most scenic spots in Taiwan.

Ten Ren Tea Culture Museum

Miaoli County / Zhunan Township
Ten Ren Tea Culture Museum is located at the boundary where the city of Hsinchu and Miaoli County meet, and the tea museum takes up 6000 square feet. Since its establishment in 1977, the farm has successfully earned a high reputation for its superb tea quality. In the front of the farm is the Lu Yi Memorial Hall dedicated to Mr Lu Yi for his contributions in the propagation of the Chinese tea brewing and making. His statue was placed in front of the hall. Inside the hall, the...

HSR Miaoli Station

Miaoli County / Houlong Township