Mingde Reservoir

Established in 1960, Mingde Reservoir is located about 6kms from Miaoli Interchange, on the northern side of Touwu Town along the Laotianliao River and downstream of Mingde village, completed by a dam near Mingde Village to block off Laotianliao River, a tributary of Houlong River. The reservoir was originally named Houlong Reservoir with an area about 170 hectares. It is the primary water source for industrial and agricultural use and a tourist attraction of Miaoli.

Mingde Reservoir was first designated a water reserve area and prohibited from public entry in order to ensure the quality of water. The reservoir had redefined recently with installations and establishments of leisure features, where it is now comprised of a large park with two hanging bridges connecting Rihxin Island in the middle of the lake with a café on the island. The café on Rihxin Island allows visitors to savor an extraordinary culinary experience in the middle of the lake surrounded by fabulous lake sceneries.

Rihxin Island, with an area of 4.5 hectares is connected to land by two hanging bridges, where visitors may either bike or take a walk to the island. Although several tourist features include tourist information center, observatory, scenic trail and café have been established on the island, its initial ecosystems are still preserved well, rich in different ecologies. The other two islands Yuanyang Island and Haitang Island can also be accessed via the two hanging bridges.

Other than taking a stroll to appreciate the reservoir, visitors may also choose to bike along the designated bike trail for an overview of the entire area, or take a cruise ride to explore the lake beauties in a close look. Mingde Reservoir is also the venue for the annual Miaoli Water Dance that happens every year around February, where a series of brilliant water dance shows and dazzling fireworks displays presented with music and lighting are showcased making it one of Taiwan’s most fascinating outdoor water dance shows.

Miaoli is a beautiful Taiwan City, noted for its vivid Hakka and aboriginal cultures. Fabulous Miaoli attractions such as Taian Hot Spring, Dahu strawberry farms, Chingan Old Street, Shengxing Railway Station, and Longteng Bridge, as well as all kinds of Hakka delicacies are for one to experience a memorable Taiwan travel.

No.45, Mingde Village, Touwu Town, Miaoli County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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