Yung-Ho Shan Reservoir

Yung-Ho Shan Reservoir is located at south of the Yung-Ho Village, Miaoli County. Built in 1980 and sitting at an elevation of 89.5 meters, Yung-Ho Shan reservoir is the main source of water for Toufen and neighbouring townships. Over an area of 3 hectares, there is a ranch has a variety of poultry reared here such as chickens, ducks, and gooses. Visitors can catch the animals and give those to the ranch’s chef to cook. There are also BBQ area, campground and campfire site in this area. At the altitude of 200 meters, you can see the magnificent view of the ranch, nearby villages, and fields. On a clear day, the view from here can see as far as the Mt Dabajianshan, Mt Shihtou (Lion Head) and Mt Wutze.

Sanwan Township, Maoli County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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